4 Signs That You Need Glasses

Everyone’s vision is different. For some people, it can degrade quickly. For others, it can slowly go bad over time. In either case, it can be hard to notice on a day to day basis, and also difficult to determine when is the right time to consult with a vision specialist about getting glasses. At Visions Optique, we offer services and consultations so that you can better understand your vision and figure out when it is the right time to take action to fix it. Keep reading to learn about some common signs that you might need to look into a new pair of glasses.



Headaches can range from a mild issue to a problem that can severely affect everyday life for many individuals. Constant pain can wear people down and lead to further issues down the line. There are a countless number of situations and irritants that can cause frequent headaches, from everyday stress to specific medical conditions. However, many of the common reasons that we get headaches stem from our vision. If you are constantly trying to focus, your eyes are straining themselves, which leads to irritation and, unfortunately, pain. When your vision is deteriorating, these constant headaches can certainly take a toll over time and become a persistent, painful problem.



An ill-defined world is a hard thing to interpret and understand. It’s like visiting a foreign country and struggling with the language, making every day more of a chore than it needs to be. As vision specialists, we strive to make sure that our patients can see their world clearly defined. If you’re noticing that objects in your everyday life have started to look fuzzy or have poorly defined edges, it might mean that your vision is deteriorating. A custom pair of glasses that are made to enhance your vision can be an absolute life-changer. They can make those fuzzy lines solid and bring clarity to your everyday life. Make sure that you are seeing the best version of the world around you and consult with an optometrist!


Trouble Driving at Night

When driving in the dark, the presence of headlights and hard-to-see surroundings can take a toll and make the experience both stressful and difficult. This can become a severe issue due to the fact that, frankly, driving can be dangerous. When your vision deteriorates, the contrast between light and dark can really have an impact on your perception of the world around you. If you’ve noticed that it has become harder to drive in the evening, it might be time to consider glasses. In this situation, they could save your life.



When you squint, your eyes are able to focus better on the object that you are looking at because the surrounding, distorted edges of your vision are taken out of the equation. When you find yourself doing this constantly, it can cause physical pain in addition to just being a nuisance. The truth is that you might not even notice that you are doing it, but it is a definite sign that you need to look into something that will help.

Vision can be unpredictable. It can degrade quickly or so slowly that you hardly notice when it is going bad. It is crucial that you pay attention to and look out for these signs that you’re in need of a visual consultation and potentially a pair of glasses.

Don’t continue to look at the world without clarity. Reach out to the vision experts at Visions Optique today to ensure that you are able to see the world clearly. You won’t regret it. Schedule your appointment now!