5 signs you need new glasses

5 Signs You Need New Glasses

Your eyesight is invaluable, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. If you’re one of the millions around the world who require glasses in order to see clearly, there are some extra factors to consider to keep your vision unfettered. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of five signs that you need to replace your current glasses. While they might be getting the job done now, there’s always the potential to improve your sight. When you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, look no further than Visions Optique in Scottsdale. We have a wide variety of the most popular brands, so you’ll find the perfect set for your aesthetic.


If you think back to before you had your glasses, you likely remember a lot of squinting in order to bring things into focus. Glasses are supposed to relieve this and allow you to view the world with your eyes open. However, if you find yourself squinting to see, even when you’re wearing your glasses, it’s a sign that your prescription needs to be updated. Squint no more! Schedule an eye exam to get an updated prescription and see clearly again.


An out-of-date prescription can make your vision blurry, putting things out of focus consistently. When this happens, your eyes will strain in an attempt to clear it up. That strain leads to extra tension on your eye muscles, resulting in frequent and painful headaches. With new glasses and an updated prescription, you can relieve those headaches and put your eyes through less strain.

-It’s Been a While

Your eye health is directly connected to your age and overall health. Due to that, the American Optometric Association recommends you have a comprehensive eye exam every two years. Not only will this ensure your prescription is accurate, but your optometrist can also catch early signs of other health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes. If it’s been a while since you’ve gotten new glasses, it’s a good time to stop into the eye doctor for a checkup.

-Double Vision

You shouldn’t be living your life like you’re stuck in a classic rock song. If you’re seeing double, it’s an indication that your eyes aren’t working with each other properly to create a clear picture. This is often due to a change in the prescription in one or both of your eyes, which requires an adjustment in the individual lenses.

-Scratched or Damaged

This is the easiest way to tell if your glasses need to be replaced. Scratched or cracked lenses will impede your vision, meaning your glasses aren’t doing their job as intended. Even beyond the lenses, you have to consider the condition of your frames. If they’re bent out of shape, they won’t sit on your face properly, and if the nose padding or arms are damaged at all, then it can be quite painful. Don’t put up with glasses that you can’t see through or hurt you. Replace them with a new pair to see clearly and without pain.

Your glasses are your window to the world, which means you need to take care of them to protect your vision. If you recognize any of these signs, now is the time to replace your glasses and update your prescription. For high-quality optometry in Scottsdale, call Visions Optique to schedule an appointment today!