Avoid Eye Strain

How To Avoid Eye Strain From Computer Use

From working at a computer all day to replying to texts, emails, and scrolling through social media on our smartphone, the time we spend looking at a brightly lit screen is extensive. Whether it’s for work or during our own time, we are often spending our days staring at devices. Sometimes this is unavoidable, especially in the work environment. But nonetheless, the chances of you experiencing eye strain are high.

Eye strain happens when the eyes stare at a computer or phone screen for so long that it begins to fatigue the eyes. The fatigue you feel in your eyes can oftentimes translate into your body, adding stress to your muscles, as well as your brain. If you find yourself staring at a screen for hours on end and are experiencing eye strain and mental fatigue, today’s blog post is for you. We’re going to be sharing tips and advice for avoiding and combating eye fatigue.

The most effective way of minimizing eye strain from computer use is to get regular comprehensive eye exams. Proper eyecare is essential when working daily on a computer. Continue reading this blog post to learn more tips and tricks for reducing eye strain, and be sure to schedule your eye exam with Dr. Uelner at Visions Optique today.

How To Combat Eyestrain From Computer UseAdjust Yourself Correctly In Front Of Your Computer Screen

Oftentimes, our eyes can hurt because we are positioning ourselves too close or too far away from the computer screen we’re looking at. One way to ease the strain on your eyes is to adjust yourself correctly in front of your computer. The screen should be about 20 to 24 inches from your face and eyes. Position yourself in your chair to be about 10 to 15 degrees above the center of the computer screen. This will provide your eyes, head, and neck with a comfortable posture to look at the screen.

Take Breaks Away From Your Desk

Frequent breaks throughout the workday will ease eye and brain fatigue, as well as allow your back, neck, and shoulders to relax away from your workstation. Step outside for five to 10 minutes to take a quick spin around the building. Even a short and simple walk to the bathroom can provide your eyes and brain a moment to relax and reset.

Practice The 20-20-20 Rule

Exercise your eyes periodically throughout the day. You can do this without even standing up. The 20-20-20 rule is a simple and effective way of giving your eyes a break. All you have to do is look away from the computer screen every 20 minutes to look at an object 20 feet away from you for at least 20 seconds. This simple trick relaxes the eyes, allowing them to focus more efficiently.

Invest In Computer Eyewear

Computer glasses are a great remedy for eye strain and fatigue. Ask your eyecare professional to modify your everyday eyeglasses to be computer glasses. Computer glasses incorporate photochromic lenses, which are lightly tinted to lessen your eyes’ exposure to harsh blue light that comes from technological devices. Next time you visit your optician, ask them for suggestions for blue-light/computer glasses.

Invest in eye health

Schedule A Comprehensive Eye Exam

The most effective way of combating eye strain from computer use is by visiting your optician for regular comprehensive eye exams. It is recommended to schedule a yearly eye exam to treat and prevent eye disease, strain, and overall fatigue. Eyecare plays an integral role in overall health, and especially so if you work on a computer five out of the seven days a week.

If you’re looking for an optician in the Scottsdale area, Dr. Uelner at Visions Optique and Eyecare is the doctor of choice. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam with her today.