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Signs You Need Glasses

We are all constantly changing: growing taller, developing new tastes, and seeing the world in an evolving way. Obviously our worldview transforms for a multitude of reasons, but how we are experiencing our surroundings is literally being altered due to incessant shifts in our eyesight. Just because you had 20/20 vision as a teenager does not mean you still have perfect vision as an adult. As our memory gets foggy, so too do the moments in front of us. Below are some symptoms and signs that you need to invest in your eyes and consider purchasing some glasses with the help of Visions Optique.


People who have no trouble identifying objects at close range, but have trouble with double and blurred vision at a distance are nearsighted. People experience this when their eyeballs are too long or their cornea is too curved. A substantial portion of Americans are afflicted by this condition and it is more common for younger people under the age of 40. So if you are in school and have trouble reading what the teacher is writing in front of the class, you may want to get tested and purchase some high-index lenses or a pair of glasses with anti-reflective coating.

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You may be farsighted if you notice yourself squinting to read from books, menus, and messages on your phone. This happens when you have difficulty observing things up close as they become fuzzy and less defined relative to seeing objects crisply at a distance. Farsightedness is caused by eyeballs that are too short or corneas with unique shapes. For people above the age of 40, this is a fairly common experience and it can be addressed easily with a pair of progressive lenses.


When light is unevenly distributed onto your retina and your sight gets distorted with stretched out images, you are likely experiencing symptoms of astigmatism. Anyone can have this condition and we all experience it to some varying degree. But if you are struggling with distorted vision, it would be wise to shop for glasses to address the issue.

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Screens Hurt Your Eyes

As technology advances and further permeates our daily lives, we are spending more and more time looking at screens. This can lead to eyestrain, headaches, and general fatigue for your eyes. If you feel yourself seriously affected by staring at screens, you should buy some computer glasses to block and filter blue light to help you focus the distance between your eyes and screen.

These four signs are easy ways to recognize you need to do something about your vision. Vision Optique provides eye exams so you can test your sight and confirm whether glasses are necessary. And we also provide you with top-of-the-line medical eye care. If you think your vision is faltering and dissipating, contact Visions Optique today so you can see a better future and look as great as your new eyesight.