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The Best Foods To Eat To Promote Healthy Eyes

Just like you want to eat healthy to benefit your skin, brain, heart, waistline, and other body parts, eating healthy has great benefits for your eyes. While your eyes don’t seem like they can be affected by what you consume, this is not the case. When we choose to eat healthy, we tend to think of how it’s going to affect our brain function, our energy levels, and, if you’re trying to lose weight, our waistline. But it’s time to start thinking about how the food we consume affects the health of our eyes and vision. Not only that, but healthy eating works to reduce the risk of obtaining or developing eye diseases, like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Preventative eyecare is essential.

The best types of food that we can eat for our eye health are antioxidants, like lutein, beta carotene (found in carrots), omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, zeaxanthin, and vitamins A,C, and E. In today’s blog post, we’re going to be listing a few of the best foods you can eat to promote overall eye health. Whether you’re struggling with the health of your vision and eyes, or you’re wanting to take preventative eyecare action to ward off any risk of disease, you’re going to want to keep reading this blog post.

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Invest In Your Eyecare With These Healthy Foods


This vegetable is rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, two antioxidants that are important for eye and vision health. Beta carotene works to prevent infections and disease of the eyes. You can easily incorporate carrots into your daily diet. Pack some in a Tupperware as a snack throughout the day, or add them into some vegetable soup or on top of a salad.


Rich in vitamin E, almonds are an excellent food to promote eye health. Vitamin E works to guard the eyes from molecules that harm healthy tissue, and prevent macular degeneration and cataracts — two eye diseases that come with age. A handful or two of almonds, sunflower seeds, or peanuts will provide you with the proper daily amount of vitamin E for healthy eyes and vision.


Many fish, specifically salmon, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is a healthy fat that works toward the development of vision and the retina. Incorporating salmon a few times a week into your meals will prevent dry eyes and promote healthy vision.


Eggs in general are stock full of vitamins and antioxidants that are essential for eye health, including vitamin A, lutein, zinc, and zeaxanthin. Eating eggs regularly will result in fighting against macular degeneration and cataracts and promote a healthy retina and cornea. Whether you eat scrambled eggs for breakfast, or snack on hardboiled eggs throughout the day, you can easily incorporate this food into your daily meals.


Rich in vitamin C, oranges are an incredible fruit that promotes eye health. Vitamin C promotes healthy blood vessels in your eyes, as well as works against the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. Not only that, but vitamin C is found in fresh fruit and vegetables, making this an absolutely delicious food to snack on all day. Slice up oranges for a snack at work, or drink a glass of fresh orange juice for breakfast.

Taking care of our eyes is essential for the overall health of our body. In addition to eating healthy and caring for our eyes in the sun and while looking at the screen, we can take preventative eyecare action by getting routine eye exams. Visions Optique and Eyecare is proud to house Dr. Tiffany Uelner, an experienced optician serving the Scottsdale community. If you’re needing to get an eye exam, do not hesitate to contact the team at Visions Optique today to make an appointment.