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Things To Look Out For With Your Kids Eye Health

As a parent, you’re likely concerned with keeping your kids’ health in the best condition possible. One of the many parts of your child’s health is their eye health. Keeping your little one’s eyes healthy and thriving is key to helping to set them up for success in life. Here are four things to look out for with your kids’ eye health.

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Sun Damage

Many kiddos spend a lot of time outside. Whether it’s playing in the backyard, participating in sports, or just hanging out with friends, outdoor activities are great for childrens’ health. However, if your little ones don’t have protective eyewear, they may sustain sun damage to their eyes from being out in the harsh light for hours. Work to protect your kids’ eyes from sun damage with quality sunglasses!

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Whether or not your child needs glasses can be influenced by genetics as well as activities that your little one participates in. If your child likes to read, play video games, or watch a lot of digital media, then make sure they’re always doing these activities in a well-lit environment, with proper eye protection (like blue-light glasses or reading glasses) so they’re not straining their eyes as they grow.

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Outdoor Activities

Children are rowdy and love to play, it’s just a fact. However, that also means they may be damaging their eyes when they play. Pool water, playground sand or wood chips, dirt, and other kinds of foreign substances may get into your kiddo’s eyes while they’re playing. Be sure to keep an eye on them, get them protective goggles for swimming, and wash out their eyes quickly if ever they get anything in their eyes.



Another potential damaging factor for your child’s eye health is allergies. If they’re allergic to pollen during the springtime, or there are certain things they’re allergic to, try to keep them away from the allergens. Because allergies tend to cause itchy, irritated eyes, your kid may scratch or rub their eyes, causing potential harm by rubbing too hard or too frequently.

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