Tips For Caring For Designer Eyeglass Frames

Getting new eyeglasses is a big deal. You spend a lot of time searching for the right pair of designer eyeglass frames, looking for the right frame shape in the perfect pattern or color that says a lot about your personality.

Just like any investment, designer eyeglasses are something that you want to last as long as possible. However, glasses frames are generally fragile items that require careful care and maintenance.

Tips For Maintaining Designer Eyeglasses

Despite how simple caring for glasses frames may seem, you’d be surprised how many people are either not doing it enough or not doing it properly. Improper care of eyeglass frames can leave them more susceptible to getting dirty, bending, scratching — or worse — breaking. Luckily, we put together some essential tips on how to effectively care for your eyeglass frames.

  1. Handle carefully

Putting on eyeglasses and taking them off seems like a pretty simple task. But the truth is, many people are putting on and taking off their glasses incorrectly. Have you ever pulled your eyeglass frames off after a long day with one hand? Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of doing it. However, removing classes this way can end up damaging the frames. Removing frames from your face with one hand can cause the frames to bend, which cause the screw to loosen. Glasses, especially designer glasses, should be handled with extreme care, putting them one and taking them off carefully with two hands. Doing this will help keep the earpieces straighten and aligned.

2. Clean Eyeglass Lenses With a Microfiber Cloth

When our eyeglass lenses are filthy, many people’s first instinct is to wipe them with the shirt we are wearing. Our shirts are often filled with dust, which can end up scratching the lenses. However, in order to effectively clean designer eyeglasses when lenses are filthy or smudged it is best to use a microfiber cloth. Other materials are not as reliable and could end up causing further damage.

Pro Tip: If a microfiber cloth isn’t getting rid of dust or smudges, try rinsing the lenses under flowing water. Once rinsed, let them dry and finish by wiping the lenses with the cloth.

3. Opt for Polycarbonate Lenses

Some eyeglass prescriptions may allow for polycarbonate lenses. These lenses are thinner than most standard lenses. Plus, they are more durable and impact-resistant than other types of eyeglass lenses. If you prefer frames with less protection, such as rimless eyeglass frames or semi-rim frames, adding polycarbonate lenses will add some extra insurance when they are dropped or fall.

4. Store Properly

Many people will wear their designer eyeglasses throughout the day, not taking them off until it's almost time for bed. Even if your eyeglasses go from your dresser to your face, and then back to your dresser each day, they are not as protected as you may think. Whenever glasses are not being worn, they should be stored in a eyeglasses case, preferably a hard plastic one. Accidents can happen from time to time, and storing your designer eyeglasses in a protective case can prevent them from breaking when falling or being stepped on. Even if you are only removing your glasses to take a shower, keeping them in a case will protect them from damage while also protecting the lenses from getting dusty or scratched. Most designer eyeglass brands will come with a protective case. If not, be sure to get one as soon as possible to prevent any damage.

5. Get Frames Adjusted Often

Constantly putting on and taking off our glasses, along with the normal wear and tear they receive, can cause designer frames to become bent, loose, or out of alignment. Eventually, this will cause your designer glasses to easily slip or fall off of your nose. When the screws in the frame become loose, or the earpieces or out of alignment, it is best to get your designer eyewear readjusted at the opticians.Trying to fix eyeglasses without knowing what you’re doing will make them more likely to break. Your glasses should be readjusted once a year, but in most cases, they will need to be adjusted multiple times a year. TO ensure your eyeglasses are always fitting properly and looking new, try to get your glasses be-adjusted every six months. Even if they don’t feel loose, a quick adjustment can make all the difference.

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Other Helpful Tips To Consider

  • Never wear designer eyeglasses on top of your head. This can cause them to bend, scratch, or break easier.
  • Never set glasses face down on surfaces as this can lead to scratches and other imperfections
  • Never try repairing glasses with glue as it could void any warranties on the eyeglass frame.
  • Avoid lens contact with hairspray, deodorant, and other aerosols as this can strip lens coatings.
  • Always have a backup pair of eyeglasses in case an accident happens.
  • Never remove eyeglass lenses without professional help.

It is important to remember that when purchasing designer eyewear the glasses are a fragile investment that need to be protected. Whether you already have designer eyeglass frames or are planning to buy designer eyeglasses, keep them protected by following these helpful tips for maintaining designer eyeglasses.

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