Tips for Summer Eye Protection

Summer in Arizona can be a doozy in terms of sunlight exposure and potential eye damage! But you can keep your eyes safe all through your outdoor adventures by following just a few everyday tips from our Visions Optique team. Dr. Tiffany Uelner and Dr. Matthew Campouris are passionate about giving patients in Scottsdale access to designer glasses, prescription sunglasses, and other essential forms of eye protection.

Follow our tips for surviving the intense heat and bright sunlight and check out our blog for more!

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Keep Your Eyes Moisturized

Dry and itchy eyes can be a problem during the summer months, especially in Arizona when frequent dust storms can occur. Drinking plenty of water can help keep your entire body hydrated, including your eyes. Eye drops can also provide additional moisture if needed. If you notice your eyes feeling uncomfortable, are feeling a burning sensation, or simply feel like you have to keep blinking to see clearly, dryness could be the problem.

Allergies are also quite common during the summer months due to the high pollen count, and they can cause itchy, red, and dry eyes. Using lubricating eye drops and allergy-specific eye drops can help relieve these symptoms and protect your eyes from further damage caused by rubbing them excessively.


Invest in A Humidifier

The frequent, harsh Arizona heat can drive people indoors, where air conditioning is often essential. However, air conditioning systems can dry out the air in your home or commercial office, which can cause eye discomfort or dryness. To remedy this, run a humidifier or another type of moisture-producing device in your office, living room, or bedroom.


Use An Eye Mask

If you find that your eyes are looking red and tired, one way to alleviate this is by using an eye mask while sleeping. The one you choose should be comfortable to wear and cover the general eye area, as it helps soothe your eyes and reduce inflammation. Wearing a mask while sleeping can also prevent your eyes from being exposed to irritants.


Use Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Most of us stare at computer or phone screens for extended periods every day, which emit harmful blue light. But extended exposure to blue light can lead to digital eye strain. When you come inside to take breaks from the sunshine, remember to wear specialized blue light-blocking glasses to help protect your eyes from the harmful impacts of blue light. You can also install screen protectors or use blue light-filtering software.


Eat Foods Rich in Antioxidants and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Foods that are rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, almonds, spinach, and oranges can help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and damage caused by free radicals. Adding these foods to your summer diet can boost overall eye health and function.


Take Breaks From Driving

During summer in Scottsdale, the heat can cause damage to your eyes while driving due to the glare from the sun and the dry air inside the car. Try taking regular breaks while driving, even if it's just for a few minutes; this will help reduce eye strain and protect your eyes from damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun's rays. Remember to keep sunglasses in your vehicle as well so you can add another layer of protection while you’re out and about.

Get More Eye Protection Tips With Visions Optique

Keeping our eyes healthy is important throughout the year, and it's especially crucial during the hot and sunny Arizona summers. While wearing sunglasses and hats is the most recommended tip for eye protection, a combination of these other tips can ensure you enjoy your summer without worrying about eye damage!

Let Visions Optique help you maintain long-term eye health with our comprehensive eye exams and glasses frames. Invest in perception sunglasses with us or a new pair of regular glasses that uses your most updated vision information. Contact us to learn more!

Read More Summer Eye Care Tips