What To Expect From a Routine Eye Exam

You know it’s important to undergo a routine wellness exam with your primary care physician, and you need to go for a routine dental exam with your dentist. But did you also know that you should schedule a routine eye exam? At Visions Optique And Eyecare, we recommend our Scottsdale patients come in for an exam every two to three years or more frequently if they have existing eye conditions. Keep reading to learn what to expect from your next eye exam, then contact us to schedule an appointment.

woman during her eye exam

Discuss Your Medical History

At the start of an eye exam, your optometrist will review your medical history. Some health conditions, like diabetes or autoimmune disorders, can affect your eye health, so it’s important to let your eye doctor know about any medical conditions you have.

man during his eye exam

Test Your Vision

The next step in any eye exam appointment is to have your vision tested. This is often done using a vision chart, which displays various letters of the alphabet in different sizes. You’ll have to read off several lines of the vision chart out loud, telling your optometrist what you can see, so they can determine how strong your eyesight is.

woman during eye exam

Examine Your Eye Health

During your appointment, you should expect your eye doctor to examine your eyes up close. They must look for any problems or abnormalities that could influence your eyesight and check for any signs of eye diseases, such as cataracts.

woman during eye exam

Test Your Eye Muscles

Finally, your optometrist will test your eye muscles to ensure they’re functioning properly. This could involve being asked to follow an object with your eyes, moving your eyes in different directions, or having your peripheral vision tested.

Are you due for an eye exam? Schedule an appointment with Visions Optique today, and let us help you maintain your vision and eye health.

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