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Are you looking for an eye doctor in Scottsdale? Or maybe you’re unsure about what to expect in your next eye exam. In either case, our team at Visions Optique can help you with all your vision-related needs. There are many reasons why someone might opt to visit an optometrist. However, you may have some questions regarding your impending visit. On this page, we answer some FAQs about visiting Scottsdale’s best eye doctor.

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What Is the Difference Between an Optometrist and an Optician?

The primary difference between an optometrist and an optician is that while the former can diagnose and treat eye-related illness or prescribe medication, the latter can not. Nonetheless, opticians play a crucial role in detecting or recognizing hidden diseases such as glaucoma. Other than that, they also do an eye exam before fitting you with corrective lenses or glasses. Optometrists are not medical doctors but receive a Doctor of Optometry (OD) that allows them to prescribe medication.

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How Many Types of Eye Doctors Are There?

There are essentially three types of healthcare professionals in eye care: optometrists, opticians, and ophthalmologists. Each of these eye professionals provides different types and levels of care depending on their expertise. For example, ophthalmologists are surgeons specializing in eye diseases such as cataracts. This means patients often require referrals from optometrists to get an ophthalmologist consultation.

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Do I Need a Referral To See an Optometrist?

Optometrists are part of the primary healthcare force in most states, including Arizona. This means that as a patient in Scottsdale, you will not need a referral to seek care from an optometrist. Our team of eye health care professionals at Visions Optique takes appointment bookings and walk-in consultations for several concerns regarding vision and eye health, such as an eye exam and eyewear fittings.

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When should I see an Optometrist?

If you have not seen your eye doctor in over a year, we recommend booking an appointment soon as it can help alleviate many growing concerns. For starters, your eyesight may be deteriorating. Other than this, several other reasons may warrant a visit to your local eye doctor in Scottsdale. Here are some symptoms to keep an eye out for before booking your next appointment:

  1. Frequently occurring headaches

  2. Fatigue around the eye socket

  3. Pain in any or both eyes during movement.

  4. Blurry or unusual vision including flashing light or shadows

  5. Squinting hard to see correctly, especially with intelligent devices

An annual visit to your local optometrist or eye doctor in Scottsdale should not be dependent on any concerning issues such as headaches or blurry vision. However, if you are experiencing symptoms out of the norm, we recommend giving us a call or booking an appointment with our team at Visions Optique in Scottsdale. The best part is that you don't even need a doctor’s referral!

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FAQs About Visiting an Optometrist